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Equal Pay

The Equal Pay for Equal Work for State Employees Act, drafted by Delegate Fleischauer (HB 2211) and passed as SB 31 in 1998 established the Equal Pay Commission. The Commission was assigned the task of studying and making recommendations to remedy pay inequities in state employment, in particular reviewing the wage rates for occupational classifications dominated by one sex or the other. Additionally, the Commission makes recommendations regarding providing funding in the Budget to remedy pay inequities. Delegate Fleischauer served as House Co-Chair of the Commission until 2005. Under her leadership, the Commission hired consultants who found significant disparities and made recommendations on needed changes. Funding has been placed in the Budget nearly every year since 2002 to address the disparities. As a result, state employees, 80 percent of whom are women in undervalued job classifications, have received over five million dollars in permanent raises. Delegate Fleischauer continues to serve on the Commission and continues to work toward achieving pay equity for state employees. 

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