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Ending Driver's License Suspensions for Failure to Pay Court Fines and Fees

HB4958 addressed ending the suspension of driver's licenses, and the imposition of jail time, for failure to pay court fees and fines.  Delegate Fleischauer was a sponsor.  Although the law regarding these fees and fines was designed to provide revenue for government services, the remedy of license suspension was far too punitive on low-income people.  Forty-two percent of people who have had their driver’s licenses suspended under the old law in our state lost their jobs due to their inability to drive to work.  Once they lost their jobs, they had an even more difficult time paying off the debt they owed.  Under the new law, those owing fines will be allowed to set up a payment plan. Hopefully, tax dollars lost incarcerating people for driving on suspended licenses will now instead be tax dollars contributed by those same people who will be able to get to work once their license is restored.

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