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Emergency Prescriptions

Delegate Fleischauer sponsored HB2524 in 2019, which allows pharmacists to fill life-saving emergency prescriptions, as well as extend prescriptions for maintenance drugs. Although Delegate Fleischauer agreed to sponsor the bill because she thought it was good public policy, she learned after the session had ended that it had special relevance for diabetics. A constituent called to thank her for passing "Kevin's Law", a name that had never been discussed during the session. She later found out that Kevin Houdeshelt, an Ohio man, died of diabetic ketoacidosis when a pharmacist would not fill his prescription for insulin over the New Year's holiday, because they could not reach his physician. Delegate Fleischauer discovered that several people had died under these circumstances, but an equally serious situation confronting diabetics was the enormous increases in co-pays for insulin. She organized a bus trip to Canada in December 2019 so that diabetics could purchase cheaper insulin there, and successfully passed legislation to limit co-pays during the 2020 session.

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