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Legislative Accomplishments


Delegate Barbara Evans Fleischauer is a dynamic, creative advocate for women, veterans, children, families, the environment and small businesses.  One of the hardest working Delegates, she has been a Legislator longer than any other woman currently serving in the West Virginia House of Delegates. Working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle, Delegate Fleischauer has managed to pass policy initiatives that have resulted in significant improvements in the lives of West Virginians.  In contrast to the gridlock that has occurred in Congress, a remarkably long list of bills sponsored by Delegate Fleischauer have become state law.

You may explore Delegate Fleischauer’s legislative successes in several areas by Copies of bills can be retrieved from the Legislature’s website, www.legis.state.wv.us by clicking onto bill status and then typing in the bill number in the box.  You will need to be sure to have the correct year - go to the upper right corner of the bill status page, type the year in the box, and be sure to click on submit. 

Delegate Fleischauer always welcomes ideas for new legislation that would make West Virginia safer, healthier, more prosperous and fair.

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