Barbara gets things done!

Delegate Barbara Evans Fleischauer is a dynamic, creative advocate for women, veterans, children, families, the environment and small businesses.

My 2017 Legislative Priorities

Good Jobs

Creating good jobs with living wages and decent benefits, without sacrificing safety or health, is my top priority. I will be introducing several pieces of legislation that will move our state towards that goal, including the Good Jobs First bill and the Local Energy Efficiency Partnership Act. I am also working to attract investments in state companies and in WVU to create jobs in West Virginia. Read More

Roads & Budget

Governor Justice announced that West Virginia is facing a budget deficit approaching $500 million. Over the years, the budgets of most agencies and entities - including our local economic engine, WVU - have been reduced by 20% or more, so there is almost no fat left to cut. As a state, we can’t move forward without fixing our crumbling infrastructure, which will take more money. Deficits in both PEIA and Medicaid funding are only going to get worse given our aging population. How are we going to pass a balanced budget this year? Read More


Safety issues remain one of my big concerns. I have several pieces of legislation that I hope will move in the 2017 session, including bills relating to allowing law enforcement to enter bars to enforce underage drinking, regulating hazards around airports and monitoring foster children who age out of the system. Read More


During my entire legislative career, I have fought for fairness. It stems from my upbringing and our state’s history. My mother was a classmate of Coretta Scott King, the wife of Martin Luther King, and two of my aunts and an uncle were pioneers in the women’s movement. We sometimes forget that West Virginia was forged because of a war over the civil rights of slaves. As a result, when a group is targeted or treated unfairly because of their appearance or status, I favor legal protections. Read More