Legislative Priorities

Good Jobs

Passage of the Local Energy Efficiency Partnership Act or LEEP Act, will provide a way for local governments to assist small businesses in financing energy efficiency improvements such as lighting, insulation, windows etc. I joined 7 Republicans and 3 other Democrats in sponsoring HB 2945, which will be re­-introduced in 2016. This legislation will create jobs (installation and maintenance), promote local economic development and protect our environment. Twenty­nine other states have already passed laws similar to this. Read More


Roads & Budget

West Virginia cannot become more prosperous unless we improve our infrastructure.  Everyone in Monongalia County knows that our roads are horrible.  They are crumbling on the sides and many of us have damaged our cars from potholes the size of craters. Our roads are in pretty much the state they were in when we had under 10,000 students but now that number has tripled - and so have the cars and heavy trucks. Statewide, the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission estimated 1.3 billion additional dollars are needed for transportation. But improved roads are not going to happen without new money coming from somewhere. Read More



I will be re­introducing HB 2240, which makes strangulation a felony. Research indicates that strangulation is one of the most terrorizing and lethal forms of domestic violence ­oxygen can be cut off to the brain with a grip equivalent to a handshake. I am hopefull it will pass and become law this year. Read More



During my entire legislative career, I have fought for fairness. It stems from my upbringing and our state’s history. My mother was a classmate of Coretta Scott King, the wife of Martin Luther King, and two of my aunts and an uncle were pioneers in the women’s movement. We sometimes forget that West Virginia was forged because of a war over the civil rights of slaves. As a result, when a group is targeted or treated unfairly because of their appearance or status, I favor legal protections.Read More

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